About Me

I recently defended my dissertation and obtained a PhD in Computer Science at UCSB. My research focus is primarily in the areas of program analysis, programming language design and secure information flow. My awesome advisor is Prof. Ben Hardekopf, and I work with him on programming language research (abstract interpretation, type systems, language and semantics design). I enjoyed two summers (2011, 2012) doing a research internship at Mozilla Research.

My curriculum vitae and references are available upon request.

Some History

I am originally from a beautiful town called Sagara, in India. I did my bachelors degree in Computer Science at RV College of Engineering, Bangalore (India). After that, I worked as a Software Engineer at National Instruments R&D, Bangalore. Here is one of the cool features I worked on while at National Instruments.

Other Things I Do

A lot of racket sports. I love playing tennis, badminton, squash. I also love climbing, swimming, travelling, trekking, hiking, biking, running and for over a year now, crossfit. I used to be a Radio Jockey at a local community radio station in Santa Barbara, for the India Show at KCSB 91.9 FM. It also has a webcast for those not in Santa Barbara.

A Bit About Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara has lovely weather, beautiful and friendly people, very less traffic, amazing beaches and a superb University that does some cutting edge research