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 Wei Zhang
 Ph.D candidate
 Computer Science Department
 University of California, Santa Barbara

 Research Interest: Cloud Storage, Deduplication, Distributed Systems
Education Projects
  • BigArchive: Collocated Data Deduplication for Virtual Machine Cloud Backup.
  • RFS: A distributed file system based on FUSE and Linux.
  • More...
  • Low-Cost Data Deduplication for Virtual Machine Backup in Cloud Storage, in Usenix HotStorage 2013
  • Multi-level Selective Deduplication for VM Snapshots in Cloud Storage, in IEEE Cloud 2012
  • More...

They sye that time 'eals all things,
They sye you can always forget ;
But the smiles an' the tears acrorss the years ;
They twist my 'eart-strings yet !

-George Orwell
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