Xin Wang

PhD student

Vision & NLP Lab,
3120B Harold Frank Hall,
UC Santa Barbara,
CA 93106, USA

Email: xwang [at] cs [dot] ucsb [dot] edu

Biography [CV]

Xin Wang is a second-PhD student majoring in computer science at UCSB, who is coadvised by Prof. Yuan-Fang Wang and Prof. William Wang. Prior to UCSB, Xin received his B.S. degree of computer science from Zhejiang University in July 2015.

His research interests lie in computer vision, natual language processing and machine learning, especially deep learning for video understanding and processing. He loves to research how machines can understand and interpret videos.




Xin Wang, Geoffrey Oxholm, Da Zhang, Yuan-Fang Wang, "Multimodal Transfer: A Hierarchical Deep Convolutional Neural Network for Fast Artistic Style Transfer" IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), 2017.


Da Zhang, Hamid Maei, Xin Wang, Yuan-Fang Wang, "Deep Reinforcement Learning for Visual Object Tracking in Videos" arXiv preprint, 2017.


Professional Experience

  • Research Intern,   06. 2016 - 09. 2016

           Adobe Research, San Francisco, US

           Mentor: Geoffrey Oxholm

  • Software Engineer Intern,   12. 2014 - 03. 2015

           Exacloud Inc., Hangzhou, China

  • Visiting Research Assistant,   07. 2014 - 09. 2014

           HCI, Graphics and Computer Vision Group, HKU

           Advisor: Yizhou Yu

  • Honors & Awards

    Outstanding Graduates, Zhejiang University, 2015
    Excellent Bachelor Thesis, Zhejiang University, 2015
    Excellent Student Award (only 100 in China), China Computer Federation, 2014
    National Endeavor Scholarship, Ministry of Education, China, 2012 - 2014
    First Prize Outstanding Student Scholarship, Zhejiang University, 2013 - 2015
    Merit Student Award, Zhejiang University, 2013 - 2014
    Student Leadership Award, Zhejiang University, 2013
    Activity Achievement Scholarship, Zhejiang University, 2012


    2017WinterCS190I: Introduction to Natual Language Processing
    2016FallCS180: Computer Graphics
    2016WinterCS48: Computer Science Project
    2015FallCS16: Problem Solving with C++

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