CS595D: Seminar on BPM: Models, Process Mining, and BI

Abstract:  A business process is a collection of activities assembled together to accomplish a business goal (shipping a package, visiting doctor for an illness, granting a construction permit, establishing a law, ...). Business process management or BPM refers to management of all necessary resources (including human) to support a collection of inter-related business processes, often within an organization (government agency, real estate agency, hospital, institute, university, ...). This includes successful execution of all business processes, handling of exceptional cases, making needed changes for a range of reasons such as market competition, compliance to new laws and regulations, incorporation of new technology, and better management of resources. The rapid development of IT is driving the "digitalization" of BPM, as paper documents are being replaced by electronic versions, and business processes rely critically on software support. In this seminar, we will discuss and explore three specific topics of BPM: (1) models especially data-centric models, (2) process mining, i.e., data mining techniques applied to discover hidden relationships among business activities, and (3) business intelligence or BI, which refers to the practice and techniques of collecting and integrating data that are vital to business operations.
Enrollment Code: 75507, Units: 2, Instructor: Prof. Jianwen Su and Prof. Xifeng Yan , Email: su at cs.ucsb.edu and xyan at cs.ucsb.edu
Time: Wed 11:00-12:30pm, Location: CS Conference Room (Harold Frank Hall Rm. 1132)

Meeting Time Changed! Now it is Wed 11:00-12:30pm.


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Weeks Topics Notes
Week 1 (Sept 30) Organization and Introduction [pdf]  
Week 2 (Oct 7) Efficient Ticket Routing by Resolution Sequence Mining [pdf] Gengxin Miao
Week 3 (Oct 14) Artifact-Based Transformation of IBM Global Financing [link] Esra Kucukoguz
Week 4 (Oct 21) Querying Structural and Behavioral Properties of Business Processes [link] Aleksandra Potapova
Week 5 (Oct 28) Mining Social Networks: Uncovering Interaction Patterns in Business Processes [link] Aaron Elmore
Week 6 (Nov 4) Requirements-Driven Design and Configuration Management of Business
Processes [link]
Tunay Gur
Week 7 (Nov 11) Workflow Modeling using Proclets [link] Maha Ahmed, Alabduljalil
Week 8 (Nov 18) Graph Matching Algorithms for Business Process Model Similarity Search [link] Panuakdet Suwannatat
Week 9 (Nov 25) Beyond Workflow Mining [link] Jeff Silverman
Week 10 (Dec 2) Discovering Process Models from Unlabelled Event Logs [link] YoungJoon, Choi

Students may register for two units in CS595D; to receive credit, they must sign in and can miss no more than two sessions. This seminar is open to the public as well, due to the wide interest that business process management holds for various disciplines.


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