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SOFTWARE - CloSpan: Closed Sequential Pattern Mining Package

CloSpan is a software package of mining closed sequential patterns in a sequence database.  Given a collection of sequences and a minimum support threshold, CloSpan is able to find all of the subsequences whose frequency is above the threshold.  The details of CloSpan can be found in the following paper,

CloSpan: Mining Closed Sequential Patterns in Large Datasets, by X. Yan, J. Han, and R. Afshar.
Proc. of 2003 SIAM Int. Conf. Data Mining (SDM'03), 2003.  [pdf]


  1. Downloading is for internal research purpose only.  Redistribution and commercial usage are not permitted. 

  2. Use of the downloaded software is confined to performance test. For other interests, contact the authors.


  1. Feedback and application description are always welcome.

  2. Contact xyan[at)gmail.com for bugs and questions about CloSpan.


Closed Sequential Pattern Mining Package (CloSpan accepts binary files)

A Utility Package to Convert Text to Binary Files.  (binary file generation)