Ph.D. CandidateXinyi Zhang


Sep. 2014 – Persent

University of California, Santa BarbaraPh.D. Candidate

Sep. 2010 – June 2014

Fudan University, ChinaB.Eng. Software Engineering



Clickstream User Behavior Models Gang Wang, Xinyi Zhang, Shiliang Tang, Christo Wilson, Haitao Zheng, and Ben Y. Zhao

ACM Transactions on the Web (TWEB), 2017

Cold Hard E-Cash: Friends and Vendors in the Venmo Digital Payments System Xinyi Zhang, Shiliang Tang, Yun Zhao, Gang Wang, Haitao Zheng, and Ben Y. Zhao

Proceedings of ICWSM, 2017Slides

Identifying Value in Crowdsourced Wireless Signal Measurements Zhijing Li, Ana Nika, Xinyi Zhang, Yanzi Zhu, Yuanshun Yao, Ben Y. Zhao and Haitao Zheng

Proceedings of WWW, 2017


Anatomy of a Personalized Livestreaming System Bolun Wang, Xinyi Zhang, Gang Wang, Haitao Zheng, Ben Y. Zhao

Proceedings of IMC, 2016Dataset

Network Growth and Link Prediction Through an Empirical Lens Qingyun Liu, Shiliang Tang, Xinyi Zhang, Xiaohan Zhao, Ben Y. Zhao, Haitao Zheng

Proceedings of IMC, 2016

Unsupervised Clickstream Clustering For User Behavior Analysis Gang Wang, Xinyi Zhang, Shiliang Tang, Haitao Zheng, Ben Y. Zhao

Proceedings of CHI, 2016 Slides Video Demo


AutoCog: Measuring the Description-to-permission Fidelity in Android Applications Zhengyang Qu, Vaibhav Rastogi, Xinyi Zhang, Yan Chen, Tiantian Zhu, Zhong Chen

In Proceedings of CCS, 2014

SCout: Prying into Supply Chains via a Public Query Interface Liangxing Liu, Weili Han, Tao Zhou, Xinyi Zhang

IEEE Systems Journal, 2014


Efficient General Policy Decision by Using Mutable Variable Aware Cache Liangxing Liu, Weili Han, Elisa Bertino, Tao Zhou, Xinyi Zhang

In Proceedings of the 37th IEEE Computer Software and Applications Conference (COMPSAC) , 2013

Role Mining Algorithm Evaluation and Improvement in Large Volume Android Applications Xinyi Zhang, Weili Han, Zheran Fang, Yuliang Yin, Hossen Mustafa

In Proceedings of the First International Workshop on Security in Embedded Systems and Smartphones (SESP'13), conjunction with ASIACCS 2013



InternNorthwestern University

Description-to-permission Analysis in Android Applications


Team Leader Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program, Fudan University


Undergraduate Researcher Laboratory of Cryptography and Information Security, Fudan University