Graduate Courses and their Area Classifications

Theory / Foundations Area

Course IDTitle
CS 209Logic and Applications in Computer Science
CS 216Level Set Methods
CS 220Theory of Computation and Complexity
CS 225Information Theory
CS 230Approximations, NP-Completeness and Algorithms
CS 231Topics in Combinatorial Algorithms
CS 234Randomized Algorithms
CS 235Computational Geometry
CS 260Advanced Topics in Program Analysis
CS 266Formal Specification and Verification
CS 267Automated Verification
CS 290Special Topics
CS 292Special Topics

Systems Area

Course IDTitle
CS 254Advanced Computer Architecture
CS 263Modern Programming Languages and Their Implementation
CS 270Advanced Topics in Operating Systems
CS 271Advanced Topics in Distributed Systems
CS 272Software Engineering
CS 273Data and Knowledge Bases
CS 274Advanced Topics in Database Systems
CS 276Advanced Topics in Networking
CS 279Advanced Topics in Computer Security
CS 284Mobile Computing
CS 290Special Topics
CS 293Special Topics

Applications Area

Course IDTitle
CS 211AMatrix Analysis and Computation
CS 211BNumerical Simulation
CS 211CNumerical Solution of Partial Differential Equations--Finite Difference Methods
CS 211DNumerical Solution of Partial Differential Equations--Finite Element Methods
CS 219Sparse Matrix Algorithms
CS 240AApplied Parallel Computing
CS 265Advanced Topics in Machine Intelligence
CS 280Computer Graphics
CS 281BAdvanced Topics in Computer Vision
CS 285Advanced Image Synthesis
CS 290Special Topics
CS 291Special Topics

Note: the contents of a course may change over time; the course will be reclassified in such cases or students may petition to this effect.