Colloquium -- Michel Tombroff

Friday, April 6, 2018 - 10:30am
HFH 1132
From Computer Sciences to Conceptual Art: A Journey that started at UCSB


Is there something common between Computer Sciences and Conceptual

Art? The former deals with concrete and precise objects, such as compilers,

operating systems, networks, and distributed systems. The latter is concerned

with abstract concepts, shapes, geometry, minimalism. To most people,

studying the complexities of byzantine agreement algorithms couldn’t be more

different than observing an abstract painting. And yet, to me, both experiences

generate the same kind of emotion: the search for hidden patterns,

connections, structures.

After obtaining an MSc in Computer Science from UCSB, I embarked on a

25+ year career as a software engineer and CEO. And now, driven maybe by

an unconscious desire to understand the common ground between art &

sciences, I spend most of my time on artistic projects. I propose to share this

journey with you.



Michel Tombroff holds a BS in Electrical Engineering from University of

Brussels (Belgium) and MSc in Computer Sciences from UCSB. Michel held

various engineering positions at Chorus Systems (acquired by Sun

Microsystems) and TIBCO Software before becoming CEO of Softkinetic in

2017. Softkinetic was acquired by Sony in 2015. Since then, Michel holds

several board positions (Jack Media, Cleverciti Systems, Myriad Group AG, Muuselabs

and Hackolade) but focuses mostly on his early passion for mathematics and

conceptual art (see

Everyone welcome!