MS Project Defense -Suraj Rajesh, "Privacy Preserving Multi Keyword Ranked Search Over Encrypted Data"

Thursday, March 9, 2017 - 1:00pm
1132 Harold Frank Hall
Privacy Preserving Multi Keyword Ranked Search Over Encrypted Data
Suraj Rajesh
Tao Yang (Chair) and Cetin Kaya Koc


With the advent of cloud computing, enterprises are moving their local data to the cloud to avoid the costs of building and maintaining a private storage infrastructure. However, security and privacy of sensitive data on these public cloud servers becomes a key issue. To protect data privacy, sensitive data should be encrypted by the data owner before outsourcing, which deems traditional plaintext search techniques useless. Ranking and the ability to search with multi keyword queries over encrypted data adds an additional layer of complexity. This project is an attempt to look at and evaluate various system designs that enables multi keyword ranked search over encrypted data while also providing maximum security guarantees, and finally deliver three different implementations of such systems for evaluation.

Everyone welcome!