Tech Reports

Report ID Title Report authors Report date
2010-26 A static, packer-agnostic filter to detect similar malware samples Gregoire Jacob, Matthias Neugschwandtner, Paolo Milani Comparetti, Christopher Kruegel, and Giovanni Vigna November, 2010
2010-25 A Comprehensive Framework for Secure Query Processing on Relational Data in The Cloud Shiyuan Wang, Divyakant Agrawal, Amr El Abbadi November, 2010
2010-24 Support for Resource Constrained Microcontroller Programming by a Broad Developer Community Amichi Amar November, 2010
2010-23 Memory Management for Multi-Language Multi-Runtime Systems on Multi-Core Architectures Michal Wegiel November, 2010
2010-22 Prophiler: A fast filter for the large-scale detection of malicious web pages Davide Canali (University of California, Santa Barbara), Marco Cova (University of Birmingham, UK), Giovanni Vigna (University of California, Santa Barbara), Christopher Kruegel (University of California, Santa Barbara) November, 2010
2010-21 Collection of timeseries of appetite-related sensations using a handheld computer: a case study S. Lampoudi, A. Apostolou, T. Karagiozoglou-Lampoudi October, 2010
2010-20 Profile Based Sub-Image Search in Image Databases Vishwakarma Singh and Ambuj K. Singh October, 2010
2010-19 SIMP: Accurate and Efficient Near Neighbor Search in High Dimensional Spaces Vishwakarma Singh and Ambuj K. Singh November, 2011
2010-18 The Combinatorial BLAS: Design, Implementation, and Applications Aydın Buluç and John R. Gilbert October, 2010
2010-17 Scalable Nearest Neighbors with Guarantees in Large and Composite Networks Petko Bogdanov and Ambuj K. Singh October, 2010
2010-16 Language Support for Highly Resource-Constrained Microcontroller Applications Amichi Amar and Chandra Krintz October, 2010
2010-15 Concurrent Collection as an Operating System Service for Cross-Runtime Cross-Language Memory Management Michal Wegiel and Chandra Krintz September, 2010
2010-14 Understanding the Potential of Interpreter-based Optimizations for Python Nagy Mostafa, Chandra Krintz,Calin Cascaval, David Edelsohn, Priya Nagpurkar, Peng Wu August, 2010
2010-13 HengHa: Data Harvesting Detection on Hidden Databases Shiyuan Wang, Divyakant Agrawal, Amr El Abbadi August, 2010
2010-12 TranslatAR: A Mobile Augmented Reality Translator on the Nokia N900 Victor Fragoso, Steffen Gauglitz, Shane Zamora, Jim Kleban, Matthew Turk July, 2010
2010-11 Cross-Language, Type-Safe, and Transparent Object Sharing For Co-Located Managed Runtimes Michal Wegiel and Chandra Krintz June, 2010
2010-10 Highly Parallel Sparse Matrix-Matrix Multiplication Aydın Buluç and John R. Gilbert June, 2010
2010-09 Live Database Migration for Elasticity in a Multitenant Database for Cloud Platforms Sudipto Das, Shoji Nishimura, Divyakant Agrawal, Amr El Abbadi June, 2010
2010-08 Silverline: Toward Data Confidentiality in Third-party Clouds Krishna P. N. Puttaswamy, Christopher Kruegel, and Ben Y. Zhao April, 2010
2010-07 Active Cloud DB: A Database-Agnostic HTTP API to Key-Value Datastores Chris Bunch, Jonathon Kupferman, Chandra Krintz April, 2010