Tech Reports

Report ID Title Report authorssort descending Report date
1995-21 Run-time Techniques for Exploiting Irregular Task Parallelism onDistributed Memory Architectures Cong Fu and Tao Yang November, 1995
1997-11 Parallel Sparse LU Factorization with Partial Pivoting onDistributed Memory Architectures Cong Fu, Xiangmin Jiao, and Tao Yang May, 1997
2002-16 Efficient Symbolic Representations for Arithmetic Constraints in Verification Constantinos Bartzis and Tevfik Bultan June, 2002
2001-06 A Comparison of Feedback Based and Fair Queuing Mechanisms forHandling Unresponsive Traffic Costin Iancu, Anurag Acharya March, 2001
2001-07 An Evaluation of Search Tree Techniques in the Presence of Caches Costin Iancu, Anurag Acharya March, 2001
1994-05 Managing Concurrent Activities in Collaborative Environments D. Agrawal, J.L. Bruno, A. El Abbadi, and V. Krishnaswamy March, 1994
1993-17 Relative Serializability: An Approach for Relaxing the Atomicity ofTransactions D. Agrawal, J.L. Bruno, A. El Abbadi, and V. Krishnaswamy August, 1993
2007-09 VARQ: Implementing Probabilistic Advanced Reservations for Batch-scheduled Parallel Machines Dan Nurmi, John Brevik, and Rich Wolski August, 2007
1996-27 Adaptive Scheduling with Client Resources to Improve WWW ServerScalability Daniel Andresen and Tao Yang November, 1996
1996-03 Scalability Issues for High Performance Digital Libraries on theWorld Wide Web Daniel Andresen, Tao Yang, Omer Egecioglu, Oscar H. Ibarra, andTerence R. Smith March, 1996
1995-17 SWEB: Towards a Scalable World Wide Web Server on Multicomputers Daniel Andresen, Tao Yang, Vegard Holmedahl, and Oscar H. Ibarra September, 1995
2003-28 Modeling Machine Availability in Enterprise and Wide-area DistributedComputing Environments Daniel Nurmi, John Brevik, and Rich Wolski October, 2003
2004-25 Model-Based Checkpoint Scheduling for Volatile Resource Environments Daniel Nurmi, Rich Wolski, and John Brevik November, 2004
2008-10 Eucalyptus : A Technical Report on an Elastic Utility Computing Archietcture Linking Your Programs to Useful Systems Daniel Nurmi, Rich Wolski, Chris Grzegorczyk, Graziano Obertelli, Sunil Soman, Lamia Youseff, Dmitrii Zagorodnov August, 2008
1996-19 Efficient Retrieval for Browsing Large image Databases Daniel Wu, Divyakant Agrawal, Amr El Abbadi, Ambuj Singh, andTerrence R. Smith July, 1996
1996-06 Efficient Cross-domain Mechanisms for Building Kernel-lessOperating Systems Dave Probert and John Bruno May, 1996
1995-24 Implementing Operating Systems without Kernels Dave Probert and John Bruno December, 1995
1995-06 Building Fundamentally Extensible Application-Specific OperatingSystems in SPACE Dave Probert and John Bruno March, 1995
2010-22 Prophiler: A fast filter for the large-scale detection of malicious web pages Davide Canali (University of California, Santa Barbara), Marco Cova (University of Birmingham, UK), Giovanni Vigna (University of California, Santa Barbara), Christopher Kruegel (University of California, Santa Barbara) November, 2010
1993-23 Evaluating Weak Memories with Maya Divyakant Agrawal, Manhoi Choy, Hong Va Leong, and Ambuj K. Singh December, 1993