Capstone Award Winners: To the victors go the spoils

Congratulations to the winners of the 2016 Capstone project awards! This year’s Capstone project competition played out in grand style at the Computer Science Department’s first-ever summit.CS event, held on March 4 at Corwin Pavilion.   Teaming up with industry leaders, students worked on RFID-based localization; collaborative playlists management; an augmented-reality interface for construction projects; thermal camera tracking and actuation; encrypted search; drone vision tracking; data visualization; collaborative coding for instruction; and a social hub for musicians. 

Bragging rights for the summit.CS undergraduate Capstone presentations were secured by the following teams:

First Place, Team "CitrixNChill," mentored by Citrix
Second Place, Team "Under Construction," mentored by Procore
Third Place, Team "Euphoria," mentored by Sonos

Capstone projects give students the opportunity to go fully hands-on, translating theory and research into action. Add to this the give-and-take experience of working in small teams to solve problems, assess alternatives, and ultimately agree on a final deliverable. The results of their efforts were then formally presented on stage to a live audience. A list of projects can be found at the Capstone homepage.