Graduate Student and M.S. Candidate: Benjamin Lampel

After earning his undergraduate degree at UC Santa Barbara (BS/MS program), Benji felt that doing research here was a logical next step for him. "Part of the reason I chose the BS/MS program was the flexibility it would offer me in finishing my undergrad degree, and part of my choice was also because I knew may professors and students doing research here and I wanted to be part of that community."

Benji's Master's topic is SmartFarm Sensor Network, which combines cloud computing, IoT, AI and more in an effort to bring the 21st century to farmers. "My part of the project involves a lot of pieces, and several areas of computer science/engineering." His advisors are UCSB RaceLab directors Professor Chandra Krintz and Professor Rich Wolski

Find out more about Benji's research, his experience as a Teaching Assistant, favorite courses, and his advice to prospective grad students, here.