Prof. Elizabeth Belding receives the 2018 SIGMOBILE Test-of-time Award

The SIGMOBILE Test-of-Time awards recognize papers that have had a sustained and significant impact in the SIGMOBILE community over at least a decade. The award recognizes that a paper's influence is often not fully apparent at the time of publication, and it can be best judged with the perspective of time.

All papers published at least 10 years ago in a SIGMOBILE venue are eligible for this award. In addition, papers published at least 10 years ago in other venues are also eligible if they have had an exceptional influence on the SIGMOBILE community. The papers are judged by their influence since publication. The award includes an honorarium for each paper to be split amongst the authors and an award certificate of recognition for each author. A public citation for award papers will be placed on the SIGMOBILE website.

We are happy to share the news that the following paper co-authored by Prof. Elizabeth Belding has received the 2018 SIGMOBILE Test-of-time Award:

“Ad-hoc On-Demand Distance Vector Routing” in ACM Workshop on Mobile Computing Systems and Applications (WMCSA), Feb1999.

This paper presents AODV, perhaps the most influential ad hoc routing protocol to date. This algorithm proposes a novel and suitable solution for the operation of these dynamic and unstable networks. Its major impact on the industry and related standards demonstrate the practical importance of this work. Additionally, the protocol is a “must-teach” in academic curricula related to mobile networking. This paper now has more than 26,000 citations according to Google Scholar.

Congratulations Elizabeth!