Prof. Rachel Lin wins Best Paper Award at EUROCRYPT 2018

The Department of Computer Science congratulates Prof. Rachel Lin for winning the Best Paper Award at EUROCRYPT 2018, one of the top conferences in the area of Cryptography. This joint work, entitled "k-Round MPC from k-Round OT via Garbled Interactive Circuits," is a collaboration between Prof. Lin and IBM Researcher Fabrice Benhamouda at IBM Research, Yorktown Heights.

In this research, Benhamouda and Lin present new constructions of round-efficient, or even round-optimal, MultiParty Computation (MPC) protocols from Oblivious Transfer (OT) protocols. Their constructions establish a tight connection between MPC and OT. At the core of their constructions is a new framework for garbling interactive circuits. Roughly speaking, it allows for garbling interactive machines that participates in interactions of a special form. The garbled machine can emulate the original interactions receiving messages sent in the clear (without being encoded using secrets), and reveals only the transcript of the interactions, provided that the transcript is computationally uniquely defined. The authors show that garbled interactive circuits for the purpose of constructing MPC can be implemented using OT. Along the way, Benhamouda and Lin also propose a new primitive of witness selector that strengthens witness encryption, and a new notion of zero-knowledge functional commitments.

Note that this is the second year in a row that the UCSB crypto group has received this award, as Prof. Stefano Tessaro and co-authors received the Best Paper Award at EUROCRYPT 2017.