Prof. Tobias Hollerer Received ISWC Early Innovator Award for Co-Authored Touring Machine Paper

Prof. Tobias Hollerer received an Early Innovator Award at the IEEE ISWC/Ubicomp joint conference, the main conference venue for research in wearable and ubiquitous computing. The award recognizes the paper from the first ISCW conference that has had the most impact in the subsequent 20 years.

The paper, titled "A touring machine: Prototyping 3D mobile augmented reality systems for exploring the urban environment", was co-authored by Steven Feiner, Blair MacIntyre, Tobias Höllerer, and Anthony Webster in 1997. This paper now has well over 1000 citations according to Google Scholar. In this work, the authors describe a prototype system that combines together the overlaid 3D graphics of augmented reality with the untethered freedom of mobile computing. The goal is to explore how these two technologies might together make possible wearable computer systems that can support users in their everyday interactions with the world. The research team introduce an application that presents information about a university’s campus, using a head-tracked, see-through, headworn, 3D display, and an untracked, opaque, handheld, 2D display with stylus and trackpad. In this classic paper, Feiner et al. also provide an illustrated explanation of how their prototype is used, and describe the rationale behind designing its software infrastructure and selecting the hardware on which it runs.