Q&A with Professor Giovanni Vigna: Recapping summit.cs 2017

The second annual summit.cs event held at Corwin Pavilion on March 6 is now one for the books. This invaluable day-long exchanging of ideas and making connections brought together a lively crowd of UCSB Computer Science undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, alumni, and industry partners. Professor Giovanni Vigna served as principal organizer of this year’s event, so we asked him to share a few parting thoughts and observations before he headed off for some well-deserved rest.

What would you consider to be the main advantages of this type of event for CS students? Why this particular format?

In this event, CS student can network with industry representatives, and, at the same time, showcase their graduate research and the amazing projects being carried out by undergraduate students.


Based on student comments and feedback, what aspects do CS students seem to value most about the summit.cs experience?

My perception is that the student really appreciate the opportunity to be put in contact with companies that have opportunities for internships, jobs, and collaborations.


What prompted the particular choice of this year's sponsors? Any feedback from the sponsoring organizations?

The sponsors are a combination of local startups and large companies in the tech industry. The industry participants were very happy to sponsor undergraduate teams and to be able to network with graduate students.


For you personally, what stood out most during summit this year?

I think that the presentations were amazing! Both the undergraduate and graduate students put an enormous amount of effort in making their presentations compelling and informative, and it paid off. Some of the graduate presentations were more similar to TED Talks than to classic research talks.


Any recommendations for next steps that CS students can take to maximize the benefits of having attended this year's summit.cs? 

Get inspired by the presenters who really engaged your attention,  and work on making your next presentations as compelling!


When does the planning process begin for summit.cs 2018?

Right after I catch up with sleeping!


Indeed. Thank you, Giovanni!