CS 8: Introduction to Computer Science (Fall 2016)


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Matthew Buoni

Teaching Assistants:

Anh Van Dong Nguyen


Raymond Wong

Wenhan Xiong

Bay-Yuan Hsu

Seemanta Saha

Sanjana Sahayaraj


Darshan Maiya

Suraj Rajesh

Mahnaz Koupaee


TR  3:30-4:45  LSB 1001

Lab sections (Phelps 3525): 
M  11, 12, 1, 2, 3

Required Textbook: 


Ljubomir Perkovic. Introduction To Computing Using Python, Wiley, 2nd edition

For those who students who want to take CS8 next quarter and are wondering if you can get an add code:  I cannot give add codes under any circumstances according to CS Department policy.  Please sign up on the waitlist https://waitlist.ucsb.edu/, and if you have further questions please inquire with the CS Office in HFH 2104.  They can better answer your questions regarding your likelihood of getting added. 

Thanks, Professor Buoni



Tuesday, March 31:

Preliminary Announcements: 

  • Students are responsible for monitoring changes to this page and the course's Gauchospace page. See the various links above. Note that the course webpage is http://www.cs.ucsb.edu/~buoni/cs8.
  • Please direct all homework and lab related questions to the Gauchospace forum.  This will be mutually beneficial to everyone involved with the course. 
  • Two copies of the textbook have been placed in the Reserve Book Service in the Davidson Library. They can be borrowed on a 2-hour basis.  Also, note that the book icon in the lower left part of this page links to Google Books.
  • For email communications, include the word "CS8" in your subject line, and use my gmail address given in the upper-left part of this webpage.
  • Attendance is required for each and every lab section, and a 10% penalty will result if you are more than 5 minutes late.
  • All UCSB students are authorized access to the Instructional Computing (IC) labs, except to the extent these labs are reserved for other purposes. The software required for CS 8 (Python 3.0 or later) is available there. Labs are located throughout the first floor of the 1500 wing of Phelps Hall, the second floor of Kerr Hall, and elsewhere. 
  • The main software you will be using for this course is the Python IDLE editor.  It is free software, and a link to the download page can be found under the "Resourses" tab above.
  • Here is a map of all the computers in the CSIL lab that you may login to remotely once you have created your College of Engineering Account: CSIL Map
  • Welcome to the course and I look forward to a fun and exciting quarter together!!

Thanks to Omer Egecioglu and Phill Conrad.