Next-Generation Cloud Computing Systems

Project Overview

With this project, we investigate a wide variety of new techniques that facilitate

  • Hybrid cloud use, including support for
    • Availability guarantees on pre-emptable (spot) instances
    • Cross-federation big data app deployment
  • Application Programming Interface (API) governance (deployment time and runtime)
  • Application Performance Monitoring (APM) as an integrated, efficient, and scalable PaaS service that enables web/cloud service response time SLAs
  • Automatic detection of performance anomolies, bottlenecks, workload changes with root cause identification -- across the PaaS stack over IaaS.
  • Novel prediction techniques (including new machine learning, artificial intelligence, and statistical techniques) for service and component downtime, fault tolerance, and execution time and cost estimation.
  • Edge cloud systems with support for
    • Multi-analytics (multi-tenant) interference avoidance
    • Graceful degredation and fault tolerance
    • Self management (appliance-like)
  • New programming and deployment models for Cloud + IoT systems, including Serverless Functions-as-a-service


  • PIs: Chandra Krintz and Rich Wolski
  • Collaborators:
    • The Huawei PaaS Team
  • Students:
    • Kyle Carson
    • Stratos Dimopoulos
    • Hiranya Jayathilaka
    • Wei-Tsung Lin
    • Kevin Malta
    • Alex Pucher


  • Huawei
  • Naval Engineering Education Consortium (NEEC) (NEEC-n00174-16-C-0020)
  • NSF (CCF-1539586, ACI-1541215, CNS-1218808, CNS-0905237, ACI-0751315)
  • NIH (1R01EB014877-01)

Publications and Presentations

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