Keith Avery

Keith Avery


I am a current graduate student at the University of California, Santa Barbara pursing a master's degree in computer science.

My undergraduate education started with completion of lower-division requirements at Santa Barbara City College, and then finished with completion of a Bachelor of Science degree at UCSB.

Currently I work in the Koç Lab researching elliptic curve cryptographic algorithms.

My past research has focused on structure of social media graphs and information flow through them. My interests include web and mobile programming, algorithm design and study, and parallel computing.

Outside class I enjoy road cycling and hiking, as well as reading. Online, I often find myself browsing Reddit (programming, gaming, and local subreddits).

I hold a BS degree from UCSB, with highest honors. I also hold an AS degree from Santa Barbara City College, with honors.

Some of my selected past and present courses at UCSB are listed below.

  • CS 209 - Logic in Computer Science
  • CS 235 - Computational Geometry
  • CS 230 - Design and Analysis of Algorithms
  • CS 254 - Advanced Computer Architecture
  • CS 260 - Program Analysis
  • CS 267 - Automated Verification
  • CS 290C - Logic, Computation, and Programming Languages
  • CS 290G - Cryptographic Engineering
  • CS 140 - Parallel Scientific Computing
  • CS 165A - Artificial Intelligence
  • CS 174A - Fundamentals of Database Systems
  • CS 180 - Computer Graphics
  • CS 181B - Computer Vision

Since enrolling in the MS program at UCSB I have worked as a Teaching Assistant (TA) for undergraduate CS courses. A list of these courses and my supervisors is below.

Current Quarters:
  • CS 16 in Spring 2015 for Professor Koç
Past Quarters:
  • CS 160 in Winter 2015 for Professor Sherwood
  • CS 160 in Fall 2014 for Professor Hardekopf
  • CS 16 in Spring 2014 for Professor Bultan
  • CS 160 in Winter 2014 for Professor Sherwood
  • CS 160 in Fall 2013 for Professor Bultan

In Winter 2014, I received the UCSB CS Department Outstanding TA Award for my work in CS 160. The award description from the department:

In the Department of Computer Science, and all across campus, Teaching Assistants are pivotal to the success of our undergraduate students. Each quarter we recognize those TAs who went above and beyond to support our students and faculty by presenting them with the Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award.