Ben Y. Zhao


News in Last 12 Months

Nov 2015: ACM IMC 2016 TPC

Nov 2015: ACM Distinguished Scientist

Sept 2015: AAAI ICWSM Senior TPC

July 2015: NSF grant on user modeling

in anonymous social networks

June 2015: IEEE S&P 2016 TPC

June 2015: 60GHz RADAR @MOBICOM

Congrats to Yanzi Zhu and Yibo Zhu for their MOBICOM paper!

May 2015: SIGCOMM papers

Congrats to Yibo Zhu on his 2 SIGCOMM 2015 papers!

March 2015: ACM SOCC 2015 TPC

March 2015: Duke Chronicle

Another Venmo article/interview (link).

Feb 2015: Daily Nexus

Interviewed for article discussing Venmo here

Jan 2015: MSFT Graduate Fellowship

Congrats to Yibo Zhu for receiving the Microsoft Graduate Fellowship! Well done!

December 2014: IEEE ITC Award

honored to be chosen as first recipient of the IEEE Internet Technical Committee Early Career Award (2014)!

November 2014: I'll be TPC Chair for WWW 2016!

October 2014: IMC 2015 TPC

October 2014: LA Times article covering Whisper and our paper

October 2014: ICWSM 2015 Senior TPC

September 2014: WWW 2015 TPC

August 2014: SeekingAlpha paper @ CSCW 2015

Congrats to Gang, Tianyi, Bolun, Divya and ZZB on their CSCW paper

August 2014: IEEE S&P 2015 TPC

July 2014: Whisper paper @ IMC

Congrats to Gang, Bolun, Tianyi and Ana on their IMC paper

July 2014: Full professor

June 2014: Gang's UsenixSec paper covered by MIT Technology Review

Full article here.

June 2014: Wireless Control Plane @ Mobicom

Congrats to Yibo, Xia, Zengbin, and Lin on their Mobicom paper on wireless control planes for data centers!

June 2014: 60GHz Picocells @ Mobicom

Congrats to Yibo, Zengbin and Chris on their Mobicom paper on 60GHz outdoor picocells!

Press coverage on Crowdturfing

MIT Tech Review, Boston Globe, SlashDot, MIT Technology Review, Consumerist, InfoWorld

Press coverage on 3-D beamforming

New York Times, MIT Technology Review


Code to generate measurement-calibrated synthetic graphs available here
Code to build efficient embeddings of graph coordinate systems available here

Contact info

Lab: 3534 Phelps, map (mostly here)
Office: 1123 Harold Frank Hall (rarely here)
Lab phone: 805-893-3417
University of California, Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara, CA 93106

ravenben at cs dot ucsb dot edu
Twitter, Facebook, Quora, Linkedin, Renren

Travel/Deadlines (UCSB Calendar)

November 4-18, NSF Small: SaTC, IIS, CNS
December 11-12, Oxford UK, WWW TPC

Other Stuff

Google Scholar (~20000), H-index: 51
Erdos # = 3 (Erdos-M. Saks-K. Hildrum-B. Y. Zhao)
This page, circa 2011

I am a Professor of Computer Science at UC Santa Barbara. My research covers a range of topics from large-distributed networks and systems, data mining and modeling, security and privacy, and wireless / mobile systems. My current projects are focused on three areas: querying, modeling and mining massive graphs, security of social and online communities, and wireless systems and protocols. Here's a couple of wordles of my paper abstracts from 2013-2015.

Together with Prof. Heather Zheng, I co-direct the SAND Lab (Systems, Algorithms, Networking and Data) at UCSB. We also collaborate with other research groups in the department, including the Security Lab, the Database group, the Mobility Management and Networking (MOMENT) lab, and groups in the Communications, ECE, and Statistics departments. I received my PhD in Computer Science from UC Berkeley in 2004, where I was advised by John Kubiatowicz and Anthony Joseph, and created the Tapestry distributed hash table (dissertation). I received my MS from Berkeley in 2000, and my BS in computer science from Yale in 1997. I am a recipient of the National Science Foundation's CAREER award (2005), MIT Tech Review's TR-35 Award (Young Innovators Under 35) (2006), IEEE Internet Technical Committee's Early Career Award (2014), and one of ComputerWorld's Top 40 Technology Innovators under 40. My papers have a bit more than 20,000 citations and an H-index of 51.

Teaching Fall 2015: CS290F: Applied Machine Learning: Systems, Networks and Security, M/W 1:00-2:50PM, Phelps 2510
Teaching Spring 2016: CS176B: Network Programming, Tu/Th 12:30-1:45PM, Phelps 3526

Active data mining/OSN project pages: Graph Coordinate Systems, Graph Modeling/Generation, Social Network Measurement/Analysis, Detection of Social Spam and Fake Users (Sybils)

I'm looking for bright PhD students!!
We've got too many cool projects, and not enough driven/passionate students to drive all of them! Email me if you're interested in working with me, and like to have fun in your research projects. But before you do, please read a FAQ, and a note on why you should choose UCSB. I am also very active on Quora (a "top-answerer"). You can read about my views on grad students (1, 2, 3), grad admissions (1, 2, 3), research (1, 2), and grants (1)

Update: We do not have spots for visiting students or postdocs. Please do not send me unsolicited email about visiting student or postdoc applications; due to the volume of these emails, I will be unable to reply to them individually.

UCSB Undergraduates interested in research?
I generally advise 1-3 undergraduates in my lab in active research. Right now we have Kevin Malby, Adam Schmidt, and Zach Helfinstein in the lab. The best way to join my lab as an undergrad is to take and do well in my courses, CS176B (network programming), CS170 (Operating Systems), or CS276 (graduate networking).