Course Type
Day and Time
T/R 5-6:15pm
Course Description

This course sets the foundational knowledge necessary to understand quantum computing and quantum information science by covering some of the advanced linear algebra tools, and basic quantum mechanics. Students will learn about the four critical postulates of quantum mechanics, explore quantum circuits, and delve into the universal gate set. The curriculum includes studies on quantum teleportation, superdense coding, and the no-cloning theorem, alongside a comprehensive introduction to key quantum algorithms like Shor's Algorithm, Grover's Algorithm, and the Adiabatic Algorithm. Through comparative analysis of quantum programming languages and hands-on coding projects using quantum simulators and compilers, this course equips students with both theoretical insights and practical skills in quantum computing.

Pre-requisites: Python basics, course in Linear Algebra such as Math 4A at UCSB or equivalent.

NOTE: this course is part of a sequence, therefore students must be enrolled in 190H in Fall 2024 in order to be eligible to enroll in the next 190 course taught by Murphy Niu in Winter 2025.