Fall 2023
Course Type
Special Topics Course
Course Area
Enrollment Code
Phelps 3526
Day and Time
M/W 1-2:50pm
Course Description

In this course, we will examine upcoming user interface technologies that will impact how we interact with our devices and digital content in the future. These include: immersive technologies (augmented and virtual reality), physiological interfaces (e.g., brain and body interfaces), wearable computing (e.g., devices both for reading and writing data to the user's body), multi-sensory and multimodal interactions in mixed, augmented and virtual realities (e.g., spatial audio, body movement), haptics (e.g., force feedback, sensing weight, feeling textures), and others. Students will work on a group project, particularly focusing on the design of human-AI interaction techniques in AR. 

Programming experience in Python/C#/C++ is required. Experience with Unity is helpful but not required but that does mean you will need to learn Unity on your own.