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Phelps 3526
Day and Time
T/R 3-4:50pm
Course Description

To create innovative AI-supported systems that truly benefit end-users in real-life situations, it is crucial to focus on the interactive and real-time user experience of AI. This course is centered around investigating the various aspects of human-AI systems, including interface design, user agency, explainability, ethics, and the human-centered design process involving AI. We will examine these through reading research papers and through the design and prototyping of an AI Task Guidance System. By prioritizing human needs and preferences in the design process, we will learn to successfully develop AI systems that not only enrich our lives but also serve to amplify our abilities.

NOTE: This course does not involve implementing AI models or building an AI-based application. It focuses on the exploration of design solutions where an AI agent can provide realtime interactive guidance and feedback for tasks such as learning to perform surgery or improving one's technique at basketball, tasks that traditionally require a human expert coach or instructor.  

We expect all students taking this course to have background knowledge in either HCI (CS 185) or AI (CS 165A) through intro-level coursework.