PAC: Perceptive Admission Control for Mobile Wireless Networks

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Ian D. Chakeres and Elizabeth M. Belding-Royer
2004-06-01 05:00:00


Traditional approaches to guarantee quality of service (QoS)work well only with predictable channel and network access. Inwireless mobile networks, where conditions dynamically change as nodesmove about the network, a stateless approach is required. As wirelessnetworks become more widely used, there is a growing need to supportadvanced services, such as multimedia streaming and voice overIP. Since shared wireless resources are easily over-utilized, the loadin the network must be controlled so that an acceptable QoS forreal-time applications can be maintained. If minimum real-timerequirements are not met, these data packets waste scarce bandwidthand further hinder other traffic, compounding the problem. To addressthis issue, we propose the Perceptive Admission Control (PAC)protocol. PAC monitors the wireless channel and dynamically adaptsadmission control decisions to enable high network utilization whilepreventing congestion. Through discussion and simulations, we showthat PAC achieves this goal and ensures low loss and delay for alladmitted flows.


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