UCSB Academia Day 2009           


Want a life of academic freedom, job security, flexible work days, all-expense paid travel to exotic locations, all the latest hot-gadgets, and international fame? Nervous about the instability of having a job that may spontaneously evaporate at the whim of some over-paid CEO?

Then you should come to Academia Day!

    The Computer Science department at UC Santa Barbara invites you to join us for Academia Day 2009, an afternoon of talks, panels, and lively discussion on all things related to lives and careers in academia.  Life as a faculty member comes with unparalleled benefits, including significant freedom to pursue independent research directions, valuable interactions with industry and startups, and the chance to interact with bright students in both classroom and research settings.  Given today's turbulent economic conditions, academic careers are more attractive than ever for their degree of long term stability. 

    Academia Day is an annual event hosted by the Computer Science department to provide information and perspective to graduate students about the rewards, challenges, and opportunities of being a faculty member at a research or teaching institution.  As with previous events, Academia Day 2009 will offer talks by young faculty and alumni from UCSB with their own perspectives on the academia lifestyle.  In addition, panels of faculty and students will lead discussion on relevant issues related to life in academia and the academic job process.  This year, we will also bring attention to the increasing role of Post-Doctorate Scholars, and present perspectives on these positions from both the faculty and student perspectives.

    Come join us for an informative and fun afternoon, followed by the CS Department coffee hour!

November 13, 2009
1132 Harold Frank Hall (CS Conference Room)

Academia Day Schedule of Events

1:00PM - 1:10PM

1:10PM - 2:00PM
Ted Huffmire (UCSB Grad, Asst. Prof. at Naval Postgraduate School)
BIO: Ted Huffmire is an Assistant Professor in the Computer Science Department at the Naval Postgraduate School. His research spans both computer security and computer architecture, focusing on the enforcement of policies on next-generation processors and embedded systems. At NPS, he teaches Advanced Topics in Computer Security, Introduction to Computer Security, and Quantum Computing. He received his PhD in Computer Science from UC Santa Barbara in 2007 and is a recipient of the Science, Mathematics, and Research for Transformation Scholarship.

So You Want to Be an Assistant Professor?
What is it like being a professor? In this talk, I will give my perspective on a professor's responsibilities and advice on how to handle those responsibilities. Does a PhD give you all the skills needed to survive in academia? What is it like to develop and teach a course? How do you get a new course approved? How do you write a grant proposal? How does the tenure process work? How do you set up a lab? How do you recruit students? How do you make progress in your research? How do you manage your time and prioritize? How do you maintain your mental and physical health? What is it like to serve on a committee? What happens if you encounter difficulties the first time you try something? What is the interview process like? What is the patent filing process like? What is it like to write a book? How do you mentor a student through the process of earning a Ph.D. or M.S. degree? What are the rewards of being a professor?

2:00PM - 2:30PM
Ben Hardekopf (Asst. Prof. at UCSB Computer Science)
How to prepare for (and succeed at!) your academic job search

2:30PM - 3:30PM
Panel: "The cool life of a Post-Doc"
(Wil Robertson, Giovanni Vigna, Stacy Patterson)

3:30PM - 4:30PM
Panel: "Why I love my job, life stages in an academic career"
(Phill Conrad, Xifeng Yan, Tim Sherwood, Elizabeth Belding)

Coffee Hour!!