Faculty Reference
Misha Sra
Course Type
Enrollment Code
Day and Time
Thursdays, 12:00-1:15
Course Description
The goal of this seminar is to help senior PhD students prepare for the job application process, whether it’s in academia or industry. The seminar will go over the writing, speaking, and interview skills you need to prepare a stellar job application package. More specifically, we will discuss how to give great job talks (online or in-person) and write good research statements. We will also talk about what to look for in a potential workplace, what sorts of questions to ask during your interview, how to negotiate and more. The seminar will be a mix of presentations, discussion, talks by recently hired PhDs, and job talk practice sessions, through which you will improve your presentation skills. There will be lots of opportunity to get feedback on your application material and to ask questions about the various aspects of the hiring process. The course is open to everyone, though it is largely focused on students who have started or are about to start their post-PhD job search. All senior PhD students who’d like help with their job hunt should enroll.