Course Type
IV Theater 2
Day and Time
T/R 2-3:15pm
Course Description

Real world tasks such as assembly, repair, or surgery, often require the simultaneous use of both hands. In these scenarios, one hand is used to grasp a tool like a screwdriver or a scalpel, while the other hand is engaged in manipulating the object being worked on. Creating one-handed interfaces for users engaged in physical tasks that involve tools or objects presents several challenges. Learning how do to these tasks with an AI-based task assistant in AR/VR requires the ability to not only perform the task but engage with the AR/VR interface simultaneously. In this course we will learn the design and implementation (in Unity) of such one-handed spatial user interfaces (SUIs) for task assistance in AR/VR. Through a combination of theoretical insights and a Unity group project, students will learn the fundamentals of spatial interface design and implementation. Prior programming experience is required.