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Phelps 2510
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T/R 1-2:50pm
Course Description

After over 30 years of research and engineering in controllable quantum devices, we are at the cusp of discovering the first real-world applications for quantum computing systems. A critical element that connects high-level applications to low-level quantum system designs is quantum control and metrology. The first part of our class covers the fundamentals of quantum control and metrology in both digital and analog domains: Design and calibration of quantum gates, analog quantum operations, quantum state preparation, and measurement Estimation, characterization, and mitigation of environmental noise Synthesis of logical quantum circuits to physical quantum circuits for a given quantum hardware architecture We focus on three leading quantum computing systems and their quantum control and metrology methods: superconducting qubits, ion trap qubits, and neutral atom qubits. The second part of the class connects quantum control and metrology to the deployment of quantum algorithms on near-term quantum computers. We will review some of the most successful quantum algorithms deployed on real quantum hardware while focusing on the necessary classical and quantum error mitigation techniques. This course provides further opportunities to explore the new frontier of hardware-efficient and hardware-centric quantum algorithm design.