CS alumni awardees

Congratulations to the Computer Science Department's alumni awardees, honored at the 2024 Awards Ceremony.

Computer Science Distinguished PhD Alumnus Award

Phill Conrad and Daniel Nurmi

Daniel Nurmi

PhD in Computer Science in 2009, focusing on large scale systems.

Co-Founder of Eucalyptus systems - employed 150 people here in Goleta (many from UCSB), sold to HP in 2016.

Co-founder of Anchore (also in Santa Barbara). Anchore is the basis for US policy that requires the securing of containerized deployments.

Computer Science Distinguished MS Alumnus Award

Maureen Heymans

Maureen Heymans

MS in Computer Science in 2002, resulting in research article: “Deriving phylogenetic trees from the similarity analysis of metabolic pathways,” cited > 200 times!

Since 2003: Google

VP of Engineering and Product in the Learning & Sustainabilitydepartment at Google, managing teams of > several hundred engineers, PMs, ++). Leading initiatives to revolutionize learning and education - harnessing AI to create personalized tutors for every student and teaching assistants to empower every teacher, ultimately democratizing access to quality education.

Computer Science Distinguished Undergrad Alumnus Award

Phill Conrad and John Yoder

John Yoder

  • CTO and Cofounder of Constructrable,
    an"AI Co-Pilot for the construction industry." (May 2023, YC 23)

  • AppFolio (9 years, 5 months)

    • Senior Software Engineer (Jan 2014)

    • Tech Lead (Jan 2015)

    • Director of Engineering (Apr 2015)

    • VP Engineering (Mar 2017)

    • Principal, Product Growth Initiatives (Nov 2021)

  • Citrix Online (Jul 2006 - Jan 2014, 7 years, 6 months)