Database and Information Systems


Distributed Systems and Databases, Cloud Computing, Big Data, Social Network and Social Media Data Analytics.

cool data management problems

Big Data, Cloud Computing, Social Networks, Fault-tolerant Distributed Systems and Data Management at scale.

Much of Professor Singh’s research is around data-centric modeling of systems and he focuses on the development of new methods that can be applied to real-world applications.

Jianwen Su

Enterprises rely on data for the operations and processes to realize the operations. Dr. Su’s research aims at techniques for software systems to support enterprise data and processes.

The primary goal of my lab is to develop fundamental concepts and new principles of data mining, design intelligent algorithms and build scalable systems. 

His recent research is in the fields  of web data mining and search, and cloud systems. His past research includes search engines, scalable web services and middleware, scheduling and runtime support for parallel irregular computation, and parallel sparse matrix algorithms.