Visual Computing and Interaction

Researchers in Visual Computing develop new techniques for processing and analyzing images and video, from improving image capture to building 3D models of the world to generating real-time visual output for immersive display environments. Visual computing encompasses aspects of computer vision, computational photography, computer graphics, and visualization. Research in Interaction focuses on novel interface capabilities to make computers more user-friendly, natural, accessible, and powerful, especially in non-traditional settings such as mobile and multimodal computing environments. The area of augmented reality combines both visual computing and interactivity, aiming to enhance one’s experience with the physical world based on modeling and tracking the environment, rendering world-stabilized object models, and providing interactive capabilities that mix the physical and the virtual.

Affilated Labs: 
Four Eyes Lab, Vision Research Lab, Computer Vision Research Lab, AlloSphere Research Facility, NLP Lab


The 'bionic eye'—so long a dream of the future—is finally becoming a reality with retinal prostheses available in the US and Europe (Fig. 1; over 300 patients implanted). With cortical implants, optogenetic approaches, and stem cell therapy in development, a wide range of sight recovery (SR) options will be available to patients suffering from severe blindness.

Höllerer directs a research group on Imaging, Interaction, and Innovative Interfaces, with a particular focus on the design, implementation, and evaluation of novel user interfaces that have the potential to augment or challenge established paradigms.

Dr. Yekaterina Kharitonova's research is in Computer Vision and Machine Learning. Specifically, her work focuses on multimedia processing and understanding, image correspondence, and effective image alignment through fitting geometric models.

My vision: building technologies that integrate with the brain. 

Computer vision, human-computer interaction, augmented reality, computational photography, pattern recognition, artificial intelligence, multimodal interaction, and mobile computing.

Computer vision, computer graphics, machine learning, robotics

 My research in computer graphics is focused on geometric modeling. I am also passionate about creative computing and computer science education.